Programs to build Leadership Strength


Strategic Leadership Resources offers a number of specialized programs to build leadership strength:

  • Building Social Acumen through Emotional Intelligence

The ability to perceive, understand, and manage emotions — a leader’s own and those of others — is central to the leader’s ability to relate better with people and demonstrate overall social acumen. Building Social Acumen through Emotional intelligence is a program that raises the emotional awareness and interpersonal skills of leaders.

  • Inquiring Leadership™ for Exceptional Results: The Art of the Question

Leaders know that the ability to access the best thinking of themselves and others is key to mobilizing a strong strategic foundation for growth. Our program uses the methodology of Inquiring Leadership™ to build intellectual curiosity skills by using questions skillfully and strategically in leadership.

  • Coaching and Mentoring Training Workshops

We offer workshops such as Coaching for Exceptional Results, Coaching for Human Resource Professionals, and Advanced Coaching to develop skills of inquiry, listening, feedback and acknowledgement – skills that fuel success. Our Mentoring Training equips leaders with skills and approaches for career and leadership development.

  • Personal Branding

Personal Branding is a workshop about you, the leader. How are you perceived? How do you wish to be perceived? In this workshop, leaders define and refine a personal brand commitment based on their unique value and talents; and tailor their brand to fit the culture and strategy of the organization.

  • Appreciative Leadership Development Program

For executives who are results-oriented leaders seeking to develop skills in positive change — leaders for whom authoritarian and hierarchical ways of doing business and managing people no longer work. You will discover and build upon your Leadership Positive Core: your unique strengths, skills and talents as a leader. Develop your capacities to ask positive yet provocative questions; to solicit input from colleagues and front line employees; to bring out the best in people and organizations; and to design innovative structures for organizing and accomplishing work.

  • Strategic Decision Making

In today’s fast-changing business environment, both managers and individual contributors need to have a broad perspective about trends and business developments shaping their world and meet today’s expectations and requirements. To be successful, everyone must learn how to approach decision making for actions that may affect future business results. This program introduces an innovative, new way to think about and approach the troubling business problems and challenges so many leaders are up against today. Participants leave with the practical approaches and tools they need to think critically, find new answers, and make better decisions.

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