Mentoring Programs


Leaders have always turned to trusted colleagues for counsel, advice, and independent viewpoints. Our “Mentoring in the Moment” program emphasizes developmental networking; a proven best practice in fostering a culture for mentoring. A developmental networking approach uses a broader set of relationships than one mentor to provide mentoring, coaching, and other developmental facilitation to assist in retention, development, and career advancement and broadening activities.

We customize your mentoring program so the process fits the organization culture and business strategy.

Our philosophy regarding mentoring is that the mentees experience developmental networking as:

  • Relying on personal responsibility for success… building a base of supportive colleagues who are willing to offer assistance on clear and specific goals.
  • Motivational… feel enthusiastic and committed to the pursuit of learning and goals.
  • Career-enhancing… the support of a journey of on-going performance and career development.
  • Culture building… building a culture for supporting development at all levels within the company.
  • Engaging… experiencing the company as an organization dedicated to building leadership competency and personal effectiveness.

At SLR, we custom-design a program that fits the company strategy and culture in partnership with Human Resources and the Executive Leadership Team. Our approach involves:

  • Understanding the company strategy and the purpose the developmental network serves in the support of the company’s direction.
  • Designing the program to be user-friendly.
  • Conducting orientation sessions to develop understanding and excitement.
  • Provide training of mentors and mentees to build confidence in developing relationships.
  • Conduct “connection” meetings to foster networking.
  • Provide on-going supportive training to build mentoring and careering skills and confidence.
  • Evaluation of the program to ensure it is meeting its objectives.
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