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Because leadership is highly individual, we offer customized strategic leadership development to fit the precise requirements of individuals and/or leadership teams within the context of the business strategy. Our executive leadership development programs emphasize each leader’s personal role in executing corporate strategy. We approach strategic leadership from three distinct perspectives.

  • We develop the leadership team that is strategically vital for your company’s future
  • We develop leaders who empower your company to gain and maintain strategic leadership in your industry
  • We develop executives who excel individually as strategic leaders, fully equipped to:
    • Think strategically
    • Stay riveted to strategic priorities
    • Draw on a full range of strategic leadership skills

Based on clearly defined and agreed to leadership practices, we perform comprehensive assessments to define individual development priorities. We draw on a variety of best-practices, including in-depth interviews, questionnaires, and psychometric instrumentation where appropriate. Assessments represent a 360° view — superiors, peers, subordinates, and self. We will use the organization’s assessment process if already developed internally or we can provide one. If warranted, customer or client interviews may also be included in the assessment. By comparing assessments to desired leadership skills and behaviors, we clarify development needs and priorities for leaders.

We then turn knowledge into development by:

  • Facilitating goal-setting and action planning.
  • Designing and conducting formal strategic leadership development programs.
  • Matching external executive coaches to leaders based on their specific needs.
  • Implementing business-driven action learning initiatives as appropriate.
  • Monitoring progress toward goals.
  • Evaluating program results.


Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (MRG)

The LEA is based on the MRG Leadership Model and has 30 years of experience behind it. It’s comprised of 22 specific dimensions of leadership behavior measured against 6 essential functions of the leadership role.

Sales Performance Assessment™ (MRG)

Sales is a highly visible function with no room for mediocrity, yet most companies know surprisingly little about the unique blend of behavior and motivation that creates success. MRG’s Sales Performance Assessment™ (SPA) products have proved dramatically effective in helping develop sales behaviors — and boost sales results — for organizations around the world.

Strategic Directions Questionnaire (MRG)

This tool focuses on the development of organizational needs and aligns leadership behavior with the organization’s strategy.

Myers Briggs II

This instrument provides results for a person’s four letter type and includes more detailed information on the facets; an advanced version of the MBTI that is perfect for corporate leaders.

ECI for Social and Emotional Intelligence (Haygroup)

The ECI 2.0 is a 360-degree tool designed to assess the emotional and social competencies of individuals in organizations. The test is based on emotional competencies identified by Dr. Daniel Goleman in Working with Emotional Intelligence (1998). The ECI measures 18 competencies organized into four clusters: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management.

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