Facilitatating Leadership Alignment


Leadership alignment is a universal quality of high performing organizations. It’s what enables them to move forward faster and more effectively than competitors. Alignment is not something leaders take for granted when strategic business initiatives are at stake.

Strategic Leadership Resources professionals prepare leadership teams for success by facilitating alignment behind a strategy, ground rules and processes that are unambiguous and mutually supportive. Our experience, expertise, and our straight-talking approach help leadership teams become high performing behind clear winning strategies.

There is no doubt that experienced team members contribute greatly to team effectiveness, but research on this topic has long revealed an even more significant path to team performance: success is more common for teams that engage in productive team strategies and actions than for teams composed of the most talented members. Engaging in effective team strategies and actions is the key to team success.

  • Team success requires partnership and accountability among the team, team leader, and management (key stakeholders; including senior management and governing bodies).
  • The best performing teams balance actions between task (what needs to be done) and people (team members and how they work together). While team members are often task experts, they are rarely well-versed in the actions and strategies necessary for smooth team functioning.
  • There are key drives that increase trust, ownership, and high performance in cross-functional teams. SLR’s process for leadership team alignment facilitates the key drivers that affect team performance.
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