Executive Coaching


At the most basic level, executive coaches serve as suppliers of candor, providing leaders with the objective feedback they need to nourish their growth. Coaching gets executives to slow down, gain awareness, and notice the effects of their words and actions. It provides a disciplined way for businesses to deepen relationships with their most valued employees while also increasing their effectiveness. On a larger scale, strategic coaching can bring leaders into alignment with organizational aims, while fostering broad cultural change.

SLR Coaches have addressed these types of issues:

  • Leaders who need polish in their interpersonal skills
  • Provide skills for successful mentoring and protege relationships
  • Provide skills and behaviors for a formal mentoring program related to succession planning
  • Leaders and high potentials who need skills and tools to advance their career
  • Assisting with direction and guidelines to become more effective leaders
  • Team construction, team building and team management
  • New leader assimilation to quickly assume command and gain trust

Executive Coaching is available for a single session or long-term assignments.

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