Overview of SLR’s Executive Coaching Process

I. Introduction

  • Meet with and qualify client and coachee to establish engagement
  • Meet with coachee to lay foundation and clarify situation/challenges
  • Agree on initial goals
  • Develop coaching plan to address goals

II. Assessment and Exploration

  • Review with client existing performance evaluations, expectations, feedback, background and criteria for success re: the program, and desired performance and behavioral criteria for success
  • Clarify key behavior patterns with coachee, using an existing assessment data, personal history and critical incidents

III. Goals and Strategies

  • Identify options for skill development and changes in behavior patterns/practices
  • Establish long-term behavior change goals
  • Determine development strategies, and set weekly goals
  • Design and communicate exercises to build awareness of behavior patterns and develop new practices to build leadership skills in key areas
  • IV. Ongoing Development and Reinforcement

  • Track behavior change
  • Modify goals and strategies to adapt to changing conditions
  • V. Re-Assessment and Exploration

  • Review progress
  • Prepare for end of formal coaching relationship
  • Clarify any changes or further needs with key behavior patterns, involving critical incidents
  • Assess behavioral and stylistic impact related to success
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