The Secrets to a Billionaire’s Success: 7 Habits That Changed the Lives of the Richest People
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What do people such as Bill Gates, Paul Allen who started Microsoft, Mohammad Dewji of the METL Group, Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines, and Mark Cuban, who started, all have in common? They are all billionaires who have sustained their business and personal success over many years.

What are some routines and habits of highly successful people? What in the personalities of billionaires work best for them? What do they avoid? Here are 7 ways billionaires envision and achieve goals and habits that you can use to create success.

Create a clear, audacious, and compelling vision
Billionaires set the right goals. To do this involves thinking outside the box and seeing the value that others miss. Billionaires create new ideas – ones that are disruptive in the marketplace or push boundaries. Ask yourself, “What do I see when I close my eyes and imagine I am at the height of success?” Start by writing down your ideas, then return after some breaks to clarify and justify your vision. Make them large, purposeful, and inspiring. A compelling vision keeps you pursuing your big idea and having faith in it when others are skeptical.

Set up your priorities, so they support your goals
Research on millionaires indicates that health, happiness, and financial security, in that order, were their top three priorities. To set them up for your success, start by recalling why you are pursuing your goals. What is the pay-off beyond money? What kind of life you do want, what do you want for your family, and what do you need to have to be happy?

Set high standards and never settle for less than excellence
When you expect excellence from yourself and others, you are creating a successful habit. Always striving for the best avoids falling into mediocrity. You may have long-term goals, but these can seem far away. But, if you set a daily habit to be consistent with your standards, you will build a pattern for high quality, the right short-term goals, and make progress every day.

Appreciate your mistakes and failures – learn from them
Whenever you take on something big and new, you are bound to make mistakes. Even billionaires have plenty of failures before they achieve success. When faced with errors and breakdowns, many ambitious people want to forget it and move on. But the successful entrepreneurs are able to withstand failures and understand the lessons they offer.

Take care of your health and listen to what your body needs
Any billionaire will tell you that you need energy, good health, and the willingness to create good habits to successfully pursue your dreams. Your idea won’t get off the ground if you feel tired and unfit. You need the energy to accomplish all the things on your list. Learn to note when you are stressed, and develop some strategies for breaks, preventive healthcare, a healthy diet, and consistent exercise. Good health supports your motivation and mental capacity.

It takes persistence and a strong work ethic for the journey ahead
Billionaires always have a craving for more with an insatiable desire to taste success and build a massive bank balance. They believe that their dreams are boundless and that they had the potential to fulfill them. If you ask billionaires or any person who has achieved extraordinary success in their life what it took to get there, they will share stories about their persistence and grit along the way.

Luck is a result of an opportunity combined with preparation
While most billionaires embrace luck, they will say that you can’t count on it without the ability to quickly and accurately recognize opportunities when they are presented to you. You need to be able to adapt quickly and change course when necessary. You must also prepare to take advantage of the opportunity. This is what successful people call “luck.” This requires attention to what’s going on around you, generate a reliable network of friends, supporters and those with strong networks of their own, and some flexibility to act when the opportunities present.

Andrea Zintz
Ph.D., Leadership Coach

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