The Many Faces of Depression and How to Make 2021 the Best Year Yet!
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It is a fact that 2021 will likely start just like 2020 ended, with a set of Covid 19 restrictions. We all will need to continue staying safe as we deal with delays in getting our vaccinations.

Many of us are struggling with depression, even if we don’t think we have it. When we find ourselves feeling irritable, angry, oppositional, and defiant, we can be experiencing depression. According to research, any alteration in the mood that shows up as a “bad mood” over weeks or months can be telling of depression. Notice if you also have other symptoms, such as appetite and sleep disturbances, thoughts of death/suicide, agitation, lack of motivation, inability to concentrate, and disinterest in previously pleasurable activities. These feelings are likely due to depression.

However, this does not mean you cannot do a few things to treat depression and add to your life quality in 2021. Here are some suggestions:

Pay Attention.

Has it been a difficult few months for you, dealing with health worries during the pandemic, political upheaval, stress, losing a friend or loved one? Notice if you have had any intensifying irritation or sleeplessness. Pay attention if you don’t feel like yourself lately. Don’t let these feelings and symptoms become a runaway train. Consider the impact this might be having on your kids, colleagues, parents, and friends.

Ask for Help.

If you feel depressed, anxious, out of a job, or can’t focus, ask for help! It will change your life and perspective if you just ask. Ask help from your friends, family, a colleague, or a therapist you trust. It doesn’t matter. Know that asking for help will change your life.

Destroy Your Outdated Declarations of Self and Be Kind with Yourself.

We can all be too hard on ourselves! Treat yourself like you are your own best friend. Wake up the you that you want for yourself. You may have things you’ve said about yourself that is just not true anymore. Write them down and then tear them up, burn them, or shred them. Kill that nonsense in the space around you, and when you do this, you will have a new space in your thinking to create commitments and habits for 2021.

For example, if you have survived 2020, you ARE flexible and capable just by definition. So, get rid of any declarations you use to describe yourself that don’t fit with who you are today. There is nothing worse than starting a new year with old, outdated statements.

Get Outside Yourself.

Stop looking inward and start looking at others. Ask yourself, what do these people need? And can I help them? Being of help, support, and service gets you out of your head and blues and enables you to gain satisfaction by being there for others. It will also help you see your situation more clearly.

You can even volunteer virtually. Get caught up in a cause and work at it. You will be surprised at how good it will feel and how it contributes to your life quality. If you have kids, consider getting them involved in it too, and if not, do it yourself.

Call or text someone you haven’t spoken to in years. See what’s happening in their lives and share what’s happening in yours.

Stop Complaining.

Start looking at things you can be grateful for and stop complaining that you are stuck in your home. Reach out and tell folks what you are thankful for. Research has found that noting our blessings and expressing our gratitude raises our mood. You discover that you have many benefits, and when you are down, you have trouble seeing it. The least you can do is be grateful for the science and scientists who have been working on a Covid 19 cure for 15 years!

If you do take on and practice only 2 of these suggestions, you will be better for it.

Lastly, CALM DOWN; the vaccine is coming even if it is delayed!
And it works and with little or no side effects. In 2021, life will eventually get back to what it once was, and just imagine you may actually miss the time you had to stay at home and quarantine!

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