5 Ways to Successfully Stand Out in a Virtual Meeting
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In this time of virtual meetings, how can you stand out as these meetings become a more significant part of businesses? The benefit of working remotely with virtual meetings allows you to advance your career when you stand out. How can you be more engaging, dynamic, interesting, and entertaining at virtual meetings?

The best way to stand out is to decide to be an active participant, pay full attention, and develop specific skills. Here are five ways to not only stay diligent but how best to stand out in your next virtual meeting:

1. Polish Your Communication Skills

We all know the saying, “communication is key.” It’s especially true in a virtual meeting since it depends on your ability to communicate effectively and impactfully with your virtual audience.

Notice a typical communication style that resonates best with your team or audience. Use that style to ensure your information sticks with each person when you identify it. You can engage those in the meeting by asking what questions they have so you know they got your message.

2. Use your Voice and Body

Your voice and body are two of the most potent instruments to communicate your message. Both share your tone, intention, and expertise to stand out. Practice using your voice and body to create a dynamic impact, so your energy comes through.

Work on your voice to sound confident, clear, and interested. Your attitude and demeanor matter in the virtual meeting, even if you are not speaking. For example, nodding your head to signal your reactions, smiling when it translates to approval or agreement can keep you active.

3. Read the Room

Show up a few minutes early so you can greet others and engage in some casual conversation before the meeting begins. Doing so will help you create a positive impression and maintain relationships, and it could even expand your network.

It’s essential to listen carefully to the needs and interests of people in the meeting. The ultimate goal is that each person leaves the meeting with something exciting and of value that you’ve contributed. You want each person to feel confident and enthusiastic about their questions and input in the discussion and enjoy your engagement and responses in how you show up. Reading the room means being aware of an energy shift when it happens. For example, when the two-way communication stops and doesn’t end in a clear outcome. Or you see lots of yawns and low-energy body language. Reading the room can help you shift the energy and make a positive difference.

4. Show Those in the Meeting that you are Engaged

To stand out and have your ideas heard, you must engage. When you have an idea or input, raise your hand so the leader can see you have something to say. If you are the leader, you might start

the meeting by asking an interesting and relevant question that each person can answer. It keeps the participants engaged right from the start.

While many people type their input into the chat, consider using your voice to interact verbally. It’s far more powerful and engaging. If you can’t see the others in the meeting, pretend that you are talking face-to-face. You’ll find yourself smiling more, emoting more, and helps you come across naturally.

5. Let Your Personality Stand Out

Regardless of what you think, you can boost the power of your personality, and it’s best to show it in your virtual meetings. You can be very interesting and entertaining when you get the sense of the room. Love and enjoy yourself, using your natural authenticity that stands out in a distinct way and shows your personality. Using this consistently helps you build a brand you can be proud of, which stands out in a virtual setting.

Virtual meetings require you to think a bit differently about how to show up, how to engage, and how to pay full attention. As you work on these skills, be mindful of what you learn. When your team meets in person again, these skills will translate back to the office. You will know how to continue setting yourself apart from the pack as a high-performing professional.

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