5 Common Disappointments and What to do About Them
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I didn’t get that job. There’s a lot to learn from a job you didn’t get. Can you call back for feedback on why you weren’t chosen? Can you improve from what you learned? Was this job really the right fit for you? Can you benefit by some further training and development? Keep growing beyond the disappointment by making the most of what you learned from the experience. When one door closes, another opens.

The person I counted on didn’t come through for me. Don’t allow situations to rule your life, and this includes others that don’t come through when you counted on them. Instead, accept others as they are, and take full responsibility for your feelings. Ask yourself, did I do my part by being clear with the other person about what I wanted and expected? What do I really need and what else can I do to achieve it?

I’m feeling too depressed. Focusing on the needs of others, while creating what you need for your own situation can raise your energy and spirits. You can volunteer for a worthy non-profit, listen to and help a friend, or foster a rescue animal. These take the focus off you and help someone else. When serving, you have “deserving” to consider, so your efforts help others by paying your good intentions forward. Depression is also a serious biological affliction. If you are depressed, seek help from a psychologist or psychiatrist.

I screwed up on that project. When you’ve owned your part, be certain to talk with others who need to know. Be certain to apologize. There are customers of the project who will understand, support you with feedback, and give you another chance.Accept the new day as a fresh opportunity. What can you learn from what happened and what will you do differently the next time?

I can’t get over this setback. Keep your attention on the present by letting each passing day stay in the past. Make today be your day of unfolding hope, faith, gratitude and love. Don’t let the circumstance of life throw you off your plans, such as your career goals or connections to family and friends. Love unconditionally, while setting goals for yourself to go beyond this setback.

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